Thursday, 6 February 2020

Penduline Tit at Lodmoor

I'm in a pretty fortunate position at the moment, I've not yet started at the Swannery for a new season but it is pretty imminent so I'm cramming in as much birding as one can before the hard graft of a pre-tourist season begins. Among the various little projects I like to entertain myself with, searching for non-existent Willow Tit, looking in random fields and stretches of beach for Gulls, I quite like just popping down to some of the local reserves just to see what's about. Wednesday 5th was no different and whilst scanning the gulls at Radipole I became aware of the presence of a Penduline Tit at Lodmoor, too much to resist I hopped over there straight away. 
The regular faces were already present and quickly pointed the bird out to me, it was immediately apparent the bird was very vocal! Luckily I had packed my recording gear just in case I headed up to the north of the county to look for Willow Tit again. In a ten minute spell the bird called no less than 40 times, giving 2 different call types, the regular "tsiiiu" and also a short period of alarm call. Have a listen below to 3 sequences stitched together.

Although a short blogpost, I hope this is the start of things to come! Photos below were taken with manual focus on a Canon SX70.